(CNN) – Questions remain about how Dallas nurse got Ebola

From CNN

The nurse wore a mask, gown, shield and gloves as she helped care for a dying Ebola patient in Texas.

And a day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said she tested positive for Ebola, health officials are still trying to figure out how exactly she caught it.

Yet we aren’t supposed to be worried and we shouldn’t block people from countries known to have high infection rates from coming here.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Ebola: Texas nurse tests positive – CNN.com

Ebola: Texas nurse tests positive – CNN.com.

So it’s not very contagious, but a healthcare worker wearing protective gear catches it. They also say that you can catch it from coming in contact with sweat from an infected person.  So if a person wipes their sweaty forehead then touches a door, chair, etc. they can spread it. What about this guy who walked through the Dallas airport with 10’s of thousands of other people. Are they magically not at risk?

Seven arrested, 1 shot as police use tear gas on protesters defying Ferguson curfew | Fox News

Seven arrested, 1 shot as police use tear gas on protesters defying Ferguson curfew | Fox News.

The “militarization” of local police forces has become a point of contention for many people.  I have some reservations about it as well for a lot of reasons.  When you have situations like this, though, what are you to do?  There are other solutions rather than having local police forces that are  like mini military forces.

An obvious solution is the National Guard.  One of their primary objectives is to serve state and local needs when called upon.  This is a good option because when they are needed they can be called upon to help out and in many situations their presence is a deterrent.  The issue with using them as they are currently set up would be timing.  It takes time to request, get approval, and deploy the Guard.  It also would look like a takeover, but is that not better than allowing looters to break into innocent business owners establishments and drive them out of business?  Burn down buildings, etc.?

Race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton fan the flames of these situations.  It’s how they make their living.  They have to hurt others to stay in the news and gain notoriety for doing nothing more than making bad situations worse.  They don’t care about justice.  They care about being in the news and getting donations for their organizations so they continue to get a paycheck.  They bus in troublemakers that keep the rioters going.  My guess is that most of the people protesting aren’t even from the state, much less the county or city.

The new black panther party is using this as a way back into the news as well.  This is a great membership drive for them.  The police chief (I think that’s how it was) speaking yesterday during the press conference was thanking this self proclaimed leader for his help.  Whether he realized it or not, he was legitimizing this guy and his group as helping.  It’s well known that the best way to be the solution to a problem is first create the problem that you are going to solve, make it look like it wasn’t you who caused it but make it known that you are the one who helped solve it.  I suspect this is what is happening with the black panthers.  They are thugs and nothing more.

If you watch the interaction coming from all of these groups, they keep talking about justice.  They aren’t interested in true justice.  They want an execution.  The officer is assumed guilty and they want him punished without hearing any of the facts. They are only interested in one thing, a kid was killed who was innocent according to his friends and family so the cop must be a racist.  Eric Holder is assuming the same thing because he is one of the race baiters just like Sharpton.  He won’t prosecute the black panthers when they are intimidating voters even with evidence.  He will, however, prosecute a police officer for civil rights violations without any evidence to support it.  Wait and see.

The time is now

While the terrorists calling themselves the Islamic State are still enjoying their victories and celebrating in public, it’s time to kill them all.  Right now their leaders aren’t in hiding. They are publicly killing Christians and anyone not following their insane version of Islam.  They celebrate by killing.  They are drawing more people because they are being successful and are going unchecked.  Once America engages them, the leadership will go into hiding and cause trouble for years.  Now is the time to take them out.  All of them.  There will be terrible collateral damage, but nothing like there will be if they are left to keep gathering followers.  If we kill them now, there won’t be enough time for them to build a larger infrastructure and draw even more followers.  Eliminate them now while we still can in one major boom!  Otherwise it will be another mess that ends up killing many tens if not hundreds of thousands of people.

I honestly don’t care if we end up killing a lot of “civilians” who are associating with them.  These are warring poeple and all that they know and live for is killing those who are different than they are in lifestyle or religion.  We tried to give them a democratic future, but they are simply too corrupt and/or too unintelligent to see its benefits.  Their religion teaches killing anyone who doesn’t agree and comply with their version of religion.  Kill them all and start over. That’s all that they understand.

You can’t force a people to become civilized.  Either they have the capacity to think it, fight for it, earn it, and live for it or they don’t.  I don’t think they have the capacity to do it.  They are a warring people and they teach their children to be warring people.  Once you have that in your head at 5 or 6 years old, how can you teach them anything different?  I’m not sure that you can.  When a child holds another human beings severed head up and shouts with joy about it, how can you change them? How can you help them?  You can’t.  Killing is their goal and death is the only answer to stopping them. Do it now, while you still can.

U.S. jet fighters strike ISIS in Iraq, again – CNN.com

U.S. jet fighters strike ISIS in Iraq, again – CNN.com.

Obama had an opportunity to react early on but refused.  Now he’s taking a small vacation from vacation and fund raising to do some PR work.  I guess when they started killing his fellow Muslims he wanted to do something about it.  Killing Christians doesn’t qualify as a crime in his book.

Obama to Republicans: ‘So sue me’ – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

“Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me,” Obama said Tuesday at an event in Washington.

via Obama to Republicans: ‘So sue me’ – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs.

In short, he doesn’t care for the Constitution and the separation of powers.  He knows that the press will back him and Boehner doesn’t have the spine to stand up to him so why would be care?  He wants to be dictator. Plain and simple.  I don’t understand why this doesn’t scare the hell out of everyone including the Dumbacrats.  It’s clearly illegal if he goes through with it.


In some ways I’m a good fit for Michelin.  In Michelin, there is an acronym for everything.  CBT, MAC, TV (not television), GET, MPA, on and on and on.

I’m an acronym kinda guy too.  For instance, my kids are the CRAP kids.  Courtney, Rachael, Alyssa, Patrick.  I didn’t plan it that way, but when my wife and I were talking about names, I did think this was a good idea.  They get a kick out of it too sometimes.

I was moving some movies from the digital video camera tonight to my NAS (Network Attached Storage), and was trying to figure out a name for the videos.  M714392.mpg just isn’t descriptive enough, now is it?  I came up with MARV1 through MARV4 for the 4 videos.  Why you ask?  Thanks for asking.  The 4 entertainers in the videos doing their self choreographed dance are my kids Rachael and Alyssa, along with the sisters from next door who happen to be Margaret and Virginia. RAMV just didn’t click, but MARV sounds interesting enough, don’t you think?

5 predictions revisited: Iraq’s current woes were years in the making – CNN.com

Militants believed to be from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS, overmatched government forces and now control a vast swath of its territory. Hundreds of thousands have fled, becoming refugees overnight. Sectarian violence plagues some areas not under ISIS control.

5 predictions revisited: Iraq’s current woes were years in the making – CNN.com.

What a mess the Middle East is.  You get all of these crazies that are stuck in the middle ages and you just can’t treat them like normal people.  They only know killing one another and trying to take power for their perverted version of religion.  Islam itself may or may not be this messed up. I really don’t know.  I do know that they don’t worship the true God no matter what anyone says.  I also know that you either wipe them out or you have to always deal with them trying to kill you.  Cancer always comes back if it is not completely eradicated.  These people are the cancer of the world.  We sent them into remission for a while, but they are now back, growing like never before because we didn’t completely eliminate them when we had a chance.

Look at how long it took to straighten out Japan, but look at how much better that society is now after they were retrained to not be the crazed suicide killers that we squashed in WWII.  Same for Germany, Italy, the list goes on and on.  You can’t do what we tried to do in the Iraq and Afghanistan.  You can’t turn the country back over to the same type of people that you just took it away from.  Karzai was no better than the Taliban leaders that he replaced.  Pakistan has nukes and that is the excuse for still letting them survive and calling them friends while they launched attacks on our soldiers and our soldiers weren’t allowed to fight back.  Sending our boys to war with such limitations is no way to go to war.