FCC chairman to propose plan for net neutrality

Without better analysis than I have time for of this I can’t be sure what’s involved, but at first glance this seems like a much safer solution to the problem.  I’m all for not allowing companies to prioritize traffic, but giving the FCC even more power to regulate the Internet is never a good thing.  Taken at face value, this seems to strike a happy medium between restricting traffic flow and not overstepping the bounds of regulation.  Unless you’re overly liberal/progressive, you don’t want to see the government further restricting the free flow of information and dissenting opinion.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission plans to announce Wednesday a controversial proposal that would prohibit Internet providers from favoring or discriminating against any traffic that goes over their networks.  He would do so, however, without resorting to the more drastic step of changing the way the FCC regulates broadband providers, a move that would have more clearly asserted the government’s authority over Internet access

via FCC chairman to propose plan for net neutrality.