Obama administration had restrictions on NSA reversed in 2011 – The Washington Post

The Obama administration secretly won permission from a surveillance court in 2011 to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency’s use of intercepted phone calls and e-mails, permitting the agency to search deliberately for Americans’ communications in its massive databases, according to interviews with government officials and recently declassified material.

via Obama administration had restrictions on NSA reversed in 2011 – The Washington Post.

Isn’t this the same kind of thing that Obama was so adamant about not doing during his short stint as a Senator?

I have long said that it doesn’t matter who is in office, Bush, Obama, or anyone else, they don’t need this kind of power.  For Obama it’s ok as long as it’s him or his party.  At least President Bush had the restriction that Obama had lifted.  Either way they are skirting the Constitution to do this and once again Americans and the courts ignore it.  We get used to it, then they go farther.  Step by step we are losing our freedoms and since it’s happening for the most part a little at a time, most people don’t tally it up and note how much we have already lost.  When we get to the point of not having any freedoms left and the police can search us at will, it will have been so long since we first gave up those rights that most won’t even remember ever having them.

Teach your children well.  They will have to continue the fight for freedom that we have lost in our lifetime.  Complacency is tyranny’s friend.  Fear is a tool that those with power use to firm up their grip on power and increase it by volumes.  One small piece at a time.  For a good glimpse of how easily people will give up their freedom and not even recognize it, watch the movie “V: for vengeance”.  Good flick on its own but when we let fear take over our lives to such a point that we give up our freedom for a feeling of security we have truly lost our right to either.

Syria: Cameron and Obama move west closer to intervention | World news | The Observer

David Cameron and Barack Obama moved the west closer to military intervention in Syria on Saturday as they agreed that last week’s alleged chemical weapon attacks by the Assad regime had taken the crisis into a new phase that merited a “serious response”.

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I would question who we are responding for and to. Both sides are rife with corruption and terrorists.  The opposition is just as much in question in my mind as Assad’s government.  In the type of warfare that these people are used to, I would not put it past the opposition doing this to get the worlds attention and aid.  These are not good people on either side.

I’m sure that there are probably good people on both sides, but they are few in number and low in influence.  I’m tired of American boys dying for freedom of other nations.  If they want it, they must earn it. Once America is involved, you end up like we are now in Afghanistan.  We are fighting a war against those who are supposedly our friends. We are buying the weapons that are killing our soldiers.  We are financing the governments that are causing tyranny all over the middle east.

You also have to question where these chemical weapons came from.  Were they Saddam’s?  I would guess that they were and they ended up there while we were sending warnings of our impending invasion. Now that they are there, they could be used by either side.  They can also fall very easily into the hands of terrorists who will end up bringing them across the porous Southern border that Dumbacrats are so fearful of closing.  They can’t get their voters to the polls of they can’t get them across the border.

This conflict is terrible but there is nothing that we can do to stop it.  Sure we could send in troops, get Americans killed, get rid of Assad, then end up like Iraq and Afghanistan.  You trade one sorry excuse for a nation with another.  They don’t want freedom in the way that we understand freedom.  They want someone to tell them where to go to pray, when, how, and where to pick up their government supplied rations.  Let them sort it out themselves without American bloodshed.

We could also send them weapons, right?  But who are we giving weapons to?  The opposition supports and is supported by our enemies.  Weapons given to them will end up killing Americans sooner or later.  Is that how you want to help the poor suffering people of Syria?

Random killings spark laments, but reality shows long slide in crime – CNN.com

Your reality is what you see and what you allow someone to convince you of. With the 24 hour news we now have, crime that we never saw 20 years ago is instantly on your TV or mobile phone.  Crime hasn’t increased.  Our knowledge of the smaller number of crimes has increased.

According to the FBI, the violent crime rate in the United States is about half what it was in 1992.

And between 1992 and 2011, the annual number of murders in the United States fell from 23,760 to 14,612 despite a growing population.

Rape, robbery, assault, even property crimes also fell in a well-documented decline that has gone on for years, albeit with a small upturn in 2012.

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China’s airpocalypse

While the world reaps the benefits of cheap labor and lax environmental standards which also reduces direct cost, the people of China are being killed by the air they breathe.

Look at what air pollution is doing to people in China, particularly children.  According to this report, 40% of the world’s premature deaths attributable to air pollution in 2010, 1.2 million, occurred in China.  Along with these startling numbers, kids and the elderly are also being adversely affected.  Children don’t have the built-up defenses that adults do and with the elderly I guess that you could say that theirs has worn down as they age.

Just judging by the pictures that I’ve seen and reports of the high levels of toxins in the air, it must be obvious to the average person that it can’t be healthy to live there.  Of course, in a society such as China’s there probably isn’t a lot of options regarding leaving.  While our government has its issues, we’ve largely dealt with these problems here in America, but I can’t help but wonder if we haven’t simply transferred them to these folks.  Our lakes have PCB’s hiding under the muck and many of our rivers took decades to clear out after we polluted them with our industry of the early to mid 20th century.  Air quality is much better now even in large urban areas, though it’s still not as good as we would like it to be.

The problem with dealing with the issues causing the pollution is that the world has such a lust for the goods that come so cheaply from China, I’m afraid that we won’t ever deal with the problem.  The Chinese government doesn’t seem to care about their own people in this regard and unless that changes I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon.  We are all about cleaning up our own back yard, but when we finance polluting an environment far from our own it’s easy to ignore it.  It’s really a terrible thing that we continue to enjoy the benefits of polluting another human beings air and don’t give it a second thought.

Delta warns ObamaCare will drive $100 million spike in health care costs | Fox News

Thanks for helping out, Barry.  Thanks to you, more Americans who didn’t have coverage will now have coverage. Unfortunately, many who had coverage will no longer have coverage. Thanks again to you.

The administration and other supporters of the law argue that it will expand coverage to millions, and use subsidies to help those in need purchase insurance.

But in the process, employers claim they are being forced to change or downsize policies, and reduce worker hours. The latter change is being made because a provision in the law, eventually, will mandate insurance coverage for employees working 30 or more hours — some are trimming their staff to avoid crossing that threshold.

Inside Higher Ed reported on Friday that Southern Illinois University was the latest to move in that direction, reportedly by limiting the workload of graduate assistants.

Other employers like UPS this week announced that they were planning to end coverage of workers’ spouses in part over concern about ObamaCare-tied costs.

via Delta warns ObamaCare will drive $100 million spike in health care costs | Fox News.