Gangs of New York: Where street crews rule, boys have few option – New York News

Gangs of New York: Where street crews rule, boys have few option – New York News.

One boy, whose identity Fox 5 is protecting, said they have no choice but to join a gang. He said he tries to stay busy and off the streets at night when the gangs are out and hunting for new members. He said most boys don’t choose to join a gang, but if they don’t, they and their families suffer consequences. He said gangs have ransacked the apartments of reluctant recruits.

We spend billions of dollars abroad and yet let our own youth waste away in areas like this. I’m not for handouts and that wouldn’t solve the problem here. What we need is to stop rewarding mothers for having kids that they can’t afford. When kids live in areas like this, where are the police?  If you can see the gangs doing this, why not spend some money on ridding neighborhoods of them?  Why not organize (Mr. Community Organizer) neighborhood families who want to make a difference and give them the tools to help their community?

I know it’s easier to scape goat the Zimmerman’s of the world than to go out and actually do something positive.  Blame problems on others and don’t take responsibility for your own kids.  Why would anyone want to let their kids live in such conditions?  There has to be help made available to these areas and make joining a gang or selling drugs a bad option instead of a good one.

It’s also obvious that making guns illegal isn’t helping crime in NYC.  Allow people to actually defend themselves and you make them less of a target and more a solution to their problems.  Ensuring that victims are defenseless is not the way to prevent crime.  In order to defend yourself in NYC, you have to become a criminal and own a gun.  When you use it to defend yourself, what happens? You go to jail for having and firing a gun even in defense of your life and property.  Look at states like Texas and Florida that allow you to defend yourself as a model to see crime drop.

Common sense certainly isn’t very common these days though.

Homicide Watch Chicago | Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case.

Homicide Watch Chicago | Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case..
If you want to be outraged about something, be outraged about this. The President’s “hometown” of Chicago is more dangerous than Afghanistan.

Where is the outrage? Where is the call to arms? Where is the demand for justice for all of these poor folks who are dying every day?  The simple answer is that there’s nothing to profit from showing outrage for this.  Jesse and Al can’t get on TV and stir up donations from being outraged and wanting to sue gang members for killing innocent kids and adults.  It wouldn’t look very good for the president either for his “hometown” to be so crime-ridden, now would it?

Corker Amendment Permanently Offers Citizenship to Those Overstaying Their Visas

Corker Amendment Permanently Offers Citizenship to Those Overstaying Their Visas.

Current law states that those applying for green cards are ineligible if they are either “illegally present” at any point or overstay the terms of their work visa. Such an immigrant, in current law, would have to return to their home country and restart the immigration process. The Corker Amendment wipes away that enforcement mechanism. In the current draft of the Corker Amendment, any worker in the country on a legal work visa for 10 years can get a green card, even if they overstay their visa. The Corker Amendment allows immigrants to break the law in the future and still be eligible for citizenship. It absolves prospective behavior, not simply past mistakes.

I admittedly don’t know anything about Sen. Corker, but he seems like a Lindsay Graham Republican based on this (RINO).  Whatever his motives, he’s going to help send America back to the dark ages financially.  These illegals will never vote Republican and thus make sure that we have a government of almost exclusively liberal makeup.  That will lead us straight and quickly to the basement financially.  Anyone who doesn’t think so simply has to look at current Hispanic voting records and do the math.  A huge majority of newly minted legals will be Mexican.  They are going to vote for the people who are going to give them be best deal and that deal is going to include a free ride on true Americans back.

America used to be about making your own way through your own efforts. Democrats with their socialist agenda have turned it into a nanny state where it will eventually collapse under its own weight.  Those of us who are the supporting legs of this once great nation can’t keep holding up the bloated nation of clingers on that the liberals keep handing glue.

I don’t see us being able to stop this. Once  you get to the point that we are at now, the only way to stop it is to hit bottom.  We will and there will be a lot of suffering and financial collapse before these leaches die of starvation. Once they so overburden the system like has happened in Greece and elsewhere, there will be chaos.  So many people have become so dependent on someone else for their livelihood, they are going to have a near impossible time of actually having to do for themselves.  You see this in the protests overseas where millions are protesting the cutbacks to their handouts.  Coming to a street near you in America sooner than you might think.


If government could be trusted to not abuse its power, the spying mess wouldn’t be a concern. The problem is that government is nothing more than a group of humans and humans are corrupted by power and their desire to “do what’s best” for the people even when what’s best really is only their own self interest.

Try getting those pushing spying to allow us to see all of their communications as long as they wish to see all of ours and see how that goes.

BBC News – Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential election

BBC News – Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential election.

We shall see if this changes anything.  Beyond the always looming concern of nuclear weapons, there is also the very real and frustrating fact of Iranian weapons ending up fighting American troops in Afghanistan and Israeli troops and civilians in Israel.  My best guess is that even if this guy turns out to be more civilized to the west, other groups within the government and military won’t stop the supply of weapons.  Pakistan is a good example of such regimes talking out both sides of their mouth. On one hand saying the are partners with the US, and on the other, launching attacks against Americans from within their borders.

Thoughts from the day

Today the family and I went down to Helen Georgia to pick up my wallet (that I had lost while tubing last Saturday). Of course we decided that since we had to make the trip anyway, we might as well do some more tubing.  No sense in letting a 4 hour round trip go to waste.

For whatever reason it was much more crowded this week than last.  I’ve never been to Helen before last week, so I don’t know if this is normal warm weather crowds or not. I do know that the down isn’t nearly big enough for all of the people who were there today.  When we left the parking lot of the tubing place there was a car waiting on us to leave so they could get a spot. I don’t mean to get a good spot, I mean to get a spot at all.  When we got to the main highway coming into town a couple of blocks away, there was a line of traffic a mile long to get into an area of town where it’s much smaller than a mile long.  I don’t know the history of the town, but it’s very much a German theme throughout. It looks really nice but as I said it’s entirely too small for the number of visitors that they had today.

If you’ve never been tubing down a river, this is an interesting experience. It’s nothing like what I had envisioned based on my experiences from my younger days growing up in south Alabama.  We had actual tire tubes that I don’t know if you can even get anymore.  Also, the river at Helen is the Chattahoochee River and it is COLD.  It is also in a very rocky area that’s nothing like the lower parts of the river down below Lake Eufaula, Alabama where my friends and I used to go water skiing and knee boarding.

Last week I tried to get out of the river with my son and one of his friends just before one of the larger rapids in the area.  That was a bad idea. I ended up banged up and bruised not to mention losing my wallet.  It was found later in the day after I’d already left. Some nice person turned it in without taking a single dollar of my small stash of cash.  I had already canceled my credit cards, of course, but it was very nice that someone turned it in intact.  They turned it in to a tubing company who called me the next day.  They got my number from one of my business cards that was in the walled.  It was all in a plastic bag so nothing got wet.

This brought to mind the question of people and their morality.  I wonder how many people on that river that day would have done as this person did and turn it in, untouched.  What percentage of people who enjoy this type of entertainment would feel bound to turn it in like this? What percentage would simply take it with them and keep whatever they could get out of it?  In turn, what percentage of people in a different environment like say Disney World would do the same?  It’s just something that I thought about.  I think that since different people attend different types of events, you could pretty well guess how they would handle this.  For instance, I would guess that the percentage of people at an Occupy Wall Street who would turn it in, untouched is about the same percentage of people at a Tea Party rally that would keep it for themselves.  I think that kinda sums up the kind of people that you would see at each type of rally, don’t you?

NSA PRISM: Dissecting the Technology Companies Adamant Denial of Involvement in Goverment Spying Program – ABC News

NSA PRISM: Dissecting the Technology Companies Adamant Denial of Involvement in Goverment Spying Program – ABC News.

If you’re surprised you haven’t been paying attention.  The PRISM program isn’t the first of its kind, though it probably provides the easiest access than its predecessors.  Have you ever heard of Carnivore?  It was a lot more difficult to use since in the earliest versions you had to actually have the hardware physically installed at the ISP.

Next came NarusInsight which AT&T apparently helped the FBI connect to the Internet to monitor us.  I’m sure that there are many more that are up and running and dozens more in development.  The world is full of bad guys and that makes it easy for people in power to justify their actions in the name of security. You don’t have to look far to find reminders of Obama’s grandiose speeches condemning what he’s now calling necessary for the security of Americans.

Judge: Google must give user info to FBI –

Judge: Google must give user info to FBI –

The Bill of Rights is being completely ignored by the government these days and few people raising a ruckus about it. Why?  They don’t see how it affects them.  Ignoring your rights goes against how American government is supposed to operate. The Constitution and Bill of Rights lay out specific restrictions that are there to prevent this kind of thing because the founders had seen what happens when government becomes too powerful.

The key thing to note here is that as long as people in great numbers don’t demand strict following of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the government will continue to ignore them.  Doesn’t is scare you that the government can just ignore the rules set for for its governance?  If it doesn’t you should do a lot of study of history and what happens when government becomes too powerful.

A governments power comes from the people who give it that power.  The only way that we have to restrict that power is the power to vote, yet the majority of people never vote and those who do are now more interested in what the elected officials will give them than allowing them the freedom to do for themselves.  People are far too dependent on government which gives the government too much power.  Add that to the fact that it is not sustainable for so many to be taking from the shortening list of those who are earning.

News flash! New “rich” people are made every day not by mooching off others but instead by earning their own way.  You are only the victim of your own decisions. If you don’t like where you are, stop making bad decisions and blaming someone else for it.  Think before you leap.

Obama tries again to nominate top lawyer on embattled labor relations board | Fox News

Obama tries again to nominate top lawyer on embattled labor relations board | Fox News.

Obama is again trying to put the same union cronies back in permanent control of the NLRB.  Fox guarding the hen house again and he knows that he can probably get it through.  Sad that our nation has fallen so far down under Obama.  The real problem is that so many are getting freebies paid for by the rest of us that they are simply polling and voting themselves money.

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